Management Information Systems (MIS) is a scientific field that links between modern business management and applications of information technology. The aim of this new discipline is to help organizations achieve their goals with a greater advantage. MIS major represents a point of intersection between management sciences, and information technology with the objective of developing and establishing information systems that are able to improve the performance of institutions, simplifying complex processes and making valuable information readily available.
The Management Information Systems department provides an integrated study plan of (132) credit hours that include knowledge about both information technology and business management to equip students with a solid foundation in order to prepare them as future professionals who will be responsible for developing and managing business information systems. The MIS curriculum is instructed in English, and is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the practical part of the course, students are trained to apply theoretical knowledge using modern computer labs.
After graduation, MIS provides students with several career options such as systems analyst/designer, application developer, database developer, project manager, web developer, business, and some managerial jobs.
The faculty of the department consists of members who are highly qualified, dedicated, and committed individuals who pursue excellence in their teaching, research, and professional responsibilities. The department has achieved excellent results on university efficacy exams carried out by the Ministry of Higher Education where the department ranked first place among departments of other private universities during the spring of 2007 as well as fall of 2007.
To be a center of creativity and innovation which provides high qualified professionals able to excel in highly competitive business environment and integrate technological changes in business organizations in Jordan and the region.
To provide students with adequate knowledge and skills that are essential to meet the needs of the marketplace and face changes in the business environment. This will be achieved through continually enhancing educational processes and expanding applied research projects.
  • Provide students with fundamental up-to-date business education to understand the structure and processes of business organizations and their environment.
  • Provide students with good understanding of the state-of-art information technologies and its applications.
  • Provide the knowledge and skills that enable students to bridge the gap between business and IT environment.
  • Promote appropriate environment for applied research to department staff and senior-level students.
  • Provide professional consultancy and training as a service to the community.
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Department Chair
Dr. Faisal Aburub
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