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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Faculty Compulsory Requirements (21 Hours)

301101 Principles of Management                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

The course covers and defines contemporary management concepts, principles, theories and practices in the business sector. The course specifically includes the following topics: the nature and importance of management, the development of management thoughts, and management functions including planning, decision making, organizing, directing and controlling. Explains the organizational functions of production and operations, purchasing, marketing, human resources, logistics, financial management, research and development and knowledge management.

302101 Principles of Microeconomics                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces the science of economics and the economic problem with its implications for the use and allocation of economic resources. It also discusses value theories with particular emphasis on supply and demand, equilibrium, price determination, and elasticity.

302111 Principles of Statistics                                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces the science of Statistics and statistical research methods. It also discusses sampling and sample data collection and classification. It covers various topics in descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis, time series, index numbers and an introduction to probability theory.

303101 Principles of Accounting (1)                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course covers the definition of accounting, the role accounting plays in the business environment, and its historical development. It covers the recording of financial transactions relating to capital investment, fixed asset, cash, inventory, notes payable and notes receivable and other transactions. The course ends with preparing the income statement and balance sheet. Accounting principles, concepts, and postulates are also discussed briefly.

304101 Introduction to E-Business                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course aims to introduce students to the origins and beginnings of E-business, the evolution of E-business models, integrated E-supply chain management, virtual relationships (virtual communities and E-markets), E-marketing and its importance in the E-business environment, the evolution of E-payment systems, E-government and the provision of E-services, Security and protection in the E-business environment, the impact of social, ethical and cultural issues on E-business.

305201 Management Information Systems                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 305101

This course introduces the basic concepts of management information systems and their applications in business organizations. This includes MIS classification, functions, components, technology infrastructures, and their impact on various management levels. It also includes E-business and E-commerce, information systems security, and information resources management. Labs include hands-on training to develop selected MIS applications using MS Access.

306101 Principles of Marketing                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course covers the at defining marketing, its foundation, functions, and stages. analyzing the marketing environment, the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution), market segmentation, consumer behavior, marketing information systems, and international marketing.

Department Compulsory Requirements (60 Hours)

301212 Operations & Production Management                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302110

The course covers the concepts, Strategies, and quantitative methods and analysis for decision making in the functions of production and operations management, which are: demand forecasting, planned location, facility layout, process strategies, capacity planning, supply chain management, process planning and design, quality control, aggregate planning, and scheduling.

302102 Principles of Macroeconomics                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302101

Production Possibilities Curve (PPC). National Accounting. Gross Domestic Product. Price Indices. Employment Theories. Classical Theory. Modern Theory (Keynesian). Consumption Function. Saving Function. Investment Function. Equilibrium Income and Multiplier. Inflation. Unemployment. Fiscal and Money Policy.

302213 Financial Management                                                       (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 303102

Objectives of financial management. Financial management functions. Financial Analysis. Financial Ratios. Liquidity Ratios. Activity Ratios. Debt Ratios. Profitability Ratios. Market Ratios. Time Value of Money. Future Value. Present Value. Bonds. Shares. Working Capital Management. Liquidity Management. Cash Management. Inventory.

302215 Investment Management                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302213

Real Investment and Financial Investment. Immediate Investment and Future Investment. Risk and Return. Investment Tools. Fair Value of Financial Instruments. Investment Decision. Investment Financing. Formation of Investment Portfolios.

302221 Money and Banking                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302102

Origin and Evolution of Money. Definition of Money. Money Functions. Monetary Systems and Rules. International Monetary System. International Monetary Institutions. Money Issuance. Monetary Theory. Economic Equilibrium. Money market. Monetary Policy. Inflation.

302303 Insurance Management                                                     (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302110

Risk Definition. Risk Management. Insurance Definition. Main Pillars of Insurance Contract. Principles of Insurance. Legal Features of the Insurance Contract. General Insurance. Civil Liability Insurance. Marine Insurance. Cars Insurance. Reinsurance. Social Security. Islamic Insurance.

302321 International Finance                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302102

International Economic Relations. Internal and External Trade. Simple Model of Foreign Trade. Absolute Advantage Theory. Comparative Advantage. Local Exchange Rates and Price Range. Foreign Trade Gains. Opportunity Cost. Heckscher-Ohlin Theory. Relative Abundance of Factors of Production. Dumping Policy. Law of Diminishing Costs. Product Cycle Theory. Foreign Trade Indicators. Balance of Payments. Foreign Exchange Markets.

302351 Mathematics for Finance                                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302110 + 302213

Importance of Mathematics for Finance. Interest. Commercial Interest and Exact Interest. Ordinary Annuity. Debt and Commercial Papers Discounting. Repayments of Short-term Debt. Compound interest. Present Value and Long-term Debts Discounting. Debts Payment. Debts Discounting. Debts Replacement. Bonds.

302352 Real Estate Investment and Financing                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302215

Types of Real Estate. Real Estate Regulations. Real Estate Investment strategies.  Principles of Real Estate Financing. Source of Funding. Capital Market Obstacles. Description and Measurement of Real Estate. Real Estate Management.

302354 Financial Institutions Management                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302221

Definition of Financial Institutions. Financial Services. Credit Tools. Risks. Assets Management Analysis. Liability Management. Liquidity Management. Financial Institution Evaluation Methods. Liquidity Management. Profitability Management. Working Capital Management.

302401 Computer Applications in Finance and Trading Mechanisms 


Prerequisite: 302351 + 305101

Revision of Excel Rules and Instructions. Using Excel Functions. Value of the Periodic Installment. Loan Installments Calculation. Future Value and Present Value, and their Applications. Evaluation of Investment Projects. Credit Risk Classification. Using Goal seek Function in Finance. Trading Mechanisms in Financial Markets.

302411 Feasibility Study and Projects Evaluation                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302215

Definition of Feasibility Study. Feasibility Study Preparation. Major Aspects of Feasibility Study (Environmental, Legality, Marketing, Price Policy, Technical, Financial). Projects Creation. Follow-Up of Existing Projects. Building the Project Work Plan.

302414 Corporate Finance                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302213

General Concepts. Cash Flows. Dividends Policies. Financial Planning. Cost of Capital. Capital Structure. Financial Lease. Merging. Business Failure.

302422 Financial and Money Markets                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302215

Rating. Money market. Capital Market. Direct and Indirect Finance. Organized and Unorganized Markets. Brokerage Companies. Margin Accounts. Buy and Sale Orders. Marker Indices. Stocks Evaluation. Bonds Evaluation. Technical Analysis. Fundamental Analysis. Efficient Market Hypothesis.

302431 Islamic Banks                                                                     (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302221

Usury. Concept of Islamic Banking. Objectives and Responsibilities of Islamic Banks. Sources of Funds in Islamic Banks. Investing Money in Islamic Banks. Banking Services. Social Services of Islamic Banks.

302441 Portfolio Management                                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302422

Return on Individual Investment. Determining Risk. Standard Deviation. Diversification and Portfolio Risk. Types of Risk. Portfolio Risk Measurement. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Beta Coefficient. Portfolio Performance Measures. Investment Companies. Types of Investment Funds. Rating of Investment Funds. Fees and Expenses of Investment Funds. Financial Derivatives. Futures. Forewords. Swaps.

302452 Financial Risk Management                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302215

Financial Risks at Financial Institutions. Interest Rate Risk Management In Banks. Sources of Banks Interest Rate Risk. Measuring Banks Interest Rate Risk. Credit Risk management in Banks Sources of Credit Risk. Measuring Credit Risk. Risk Management of Foreign Exchange Rates.

302498 Graduation Project / Field Training                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 90 Hours

Guiding the student to use the scientific methodology. Assigning the students to complete applied research related to one of the Financial and Banking sciences topics. Provide the student with the opportunity to practice in the field and apply financial and banking concepts, principles, and functions in a practical manner in a financial institution or company. Preparing a report at the end of the training period summarizing what he/she has done.

303102 Principles of Accounting (2)                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 303101

Accounting Adjustments for elements of Statements of Financial Position, Cash Adjustments, Accounts Receivables, Notes Receivable, Inventory, Short term Investments, Current Liabilities, Preparing Financial Statements after adjustments.

303205 Accounting for Financial Institutions                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 303102

Accounting for financial institution in banks and insurance companies. Operations of banks and their departments. The accounting practices in deposits and current accounts, letters of credit and letters of guarantee and bills of collection. Preparation of banks financial statements, types of insurance, accounting for different insurance types, life insurance.

Department Elective Requirements (6 Hours)

302324 Public Finance                                                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302102

Private and Public Needs. Private and Public Finance. Public Finance in Developed Countries. Public Finance in Underdeveloped Countries. Public Expenditure. Economic Impact of Public Expenditure. Classification of Public Expenditure. Public Expenditure in Jordan. Public Revenue. Public Budget. Principles of Public Budget. Cycle of Public Budget.

302353 Life Insurance                                                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302303

Main Principles of life Insurance. Methods of determination of Amount of Life Insurance. Main Conditions of Life Insurance Policy. Types of Life Insurance. Calculation of Life Insurance Premium. Health Insurance. Takaful Insurance.

302403 Managerial Economics                                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302102

Profit. Markets. Demand and Supply. Forecasting Methods. Cost Estimation. Market Structure. Pricing Policy. Capital Budgets. Investment Decisions. Marginal Analysis for Optimal Decision-Making. Managerial Decisions at Competitive Markets.

302450 Bank Operations Management                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302221

Definition of Banks. Financial Resources of Banks. Current Accounts. Banking Facilities. Bills of Exchanges (Drafts). Electronic Banking Services. Foreign Banking Operations. Bills of Collection. Documentary Credits. Guarantees. International Finance.

302455 Topics in Finance                                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302213

Financial Management. Corporate Finance. Time Value of Money. Agency Problem and Asymmetric Information. Perpetuities and Annuities.

302457 Financial Derivatives                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302452

Definition of Financial Derivatives. Options. Buy Option. Sale Option. Options Strategies. Forewords and Futures. Pricing Forewords and Futures. Swaps.

Department Supportive Compulsory Requirements (9 Hours)

301103 Introduction to Research Methods                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302111

The course identifies the basics of the scientific research, and clarifies the tools, methods and approaches that can be used, and thus, the student will be able to prepare and write different reports and research. This in turn will help the student to overcome and deal with several life problems in a scientific manner.

301221 Commercial Legislation (1)                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 301101

This course clarifies and explains several trade laws and regulations, and it shows how to distinguish between commercial and civilian businesses. It also defines the concepts of merchant and store and it identifies their characteristics. The final part of the course covers the topic of the commercial companies including their types and legal status depending on the laws that regulate the companies' activities.

302110 Mathematics for Business                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

Sets. Periods. Polynomial. Fraction. Integer Exponents. Linear inequalities. Functions. Straight-line equation. Derivation. Integration. Matrices.

305101 Introduction to Computer Applications                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 9601099 / P.T

Introduction introduces students to the basic concepts of computer, computer applications and the Internet. Plus how to use computer and file management. In this course, students will learn how to use the following applications:

Ms Word

Ms Excel

Ms PowerPoint

This course also includes an introduction to web page design and training students to design web pages using Ms Word application.

Department Elective Requirements (From Other Faculty Department)

(6 Hours)

301311 Human Resources Management                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 301101

This course clarifies the concept of human resources management in terms of its importance, nature, and the functions required to design and establish the workforce (design and analyze the work, human resource planning, recruitment of human resources, selection and assignment), compensation and reward of human resources (job evaluation system, financial compensation system, financial rewards system and performance evaluation system), training and development, human resource sustainability (safety provision, health provision), and human resource relations (human resource integration , labor relations) and finally analyze the role of these functions such as participation in policy and strategy development.

303305 Financial Statements Analysis                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 303102

Concept of Financial Analysis, Financial strategic analysis, the approaches and methods used in analyzing corporate financial statements. measure and assess the entity's performance with regard to profitability, liquidity, solvency, capital structure and risk. techniques used in leverage analysis, basic and diluted earnings per share, preparation and analysis of cash flow statement, earnings quality, Proforma Financial Statement, forecasting financial failure.

303310 Accounting Information Systems                                        (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 303102 + 305101

basic concepts, functions, and the factors influencing the design of an accounting information system. Designing a database for an accounting information system, practical application of the previous topics by using the accounting software QuickBooks.

304411 Entrepreneurship and building the project business plan (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 302213

Foundations of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial mind, strategic management in entrepreneurship, E-business and entrepreneurship, sources of ideas for new projects, forms of business ownership and franchising, the difference between shareholders and the nature of business opportunities and planning for startups, develop a business plan, develop a marketing plan, develop a financial plan, Cash flow management, sources of funds: Equity and debt, global aspects of entrepreneurship.

305320 E-Commerce & E-Payment                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 305201

Principles of E-commerce, E-markets, retail E-commerce, consumer behavior, types of E-commerce, E-commerce models, E-payment models, profit models, E-payment methods, ethics related to E-payment, E-auctions.

306310 Financial Services Marketing                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: 306101

This course discusses financial services, electronic marketing of financial services and banking, the financial marketing environment, characteristics of financial products, marketing mix of financial services, the quality of financial services, the strategy and product life cycle of financial services, pricing, distribution and promotion of financial services, the effect of personal selling and public relations on financial services.

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