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From the point of view of business major, Business Intelligence is a branch of data science, as it is based on combining insights from Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Business, Economics and Statistics. It improves how companies use their data, as well as obtaining insights about the work that can lead to improved decision-making in organizations and reaching their strategic superiority.
The business environment is constantly changing and increasing in complexity, as organizations are under pressures that force them to respond quickly to changing circumstances and in an innovative manner. In order to raise the organizations' ability to respond and make the right decisions, it requires analyzing large amounts of data and information, and coming out of it with results and predictions that is contained in the materials of the program’s study plan. The study plan consists of (132) credit hours that include materials in the fields of Statistics and Information Technology, and Business Administration in an integrated system in order to train a graduate who can fulfill this role through the use of modern tools in the sector of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

To be pioneers in improving the quality of life in our society by creating a generation capable of employing artificial intelligence and data science technologies.

Our aim is to graduate an elite group of students armed with theoretical knowledge and practical experience to keep pace with the requirements of both the academic sector and the industrial sector, by making the practical side a major part in the learning and teaching process since the first year in which the student enrolls in the program.

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Professional Career: The ability to assume successful professional career in the areas utilizing Data Science & Artificial Intelligence applications.
  • Lifelong Learning and Graduate Studies: The ability to adapt to new technologies and to remain at the leading edge of innovations in the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence fields, and to be able to pursue advanced education and research opportunities.
  • Leadership and Community Service: To be able to use effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community and the region.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Nasim Matar
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