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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The University of Petra was the first of all Jordanian universities to introduce the major. The study plan was developed by selected experts in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis, taking into account the study plans proposed by top American and British universities, which are considered pioneering plans in the Business Department, such as:
  1. Harvard Business School
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Carnegie Melon University
  4. Washington State University
  5. New York University

Besides the major’s benefit that is considered a response to the lack of qualified people in the business market, the major is characterized by an intense theoretical and practical application of the latest developments and software that serve Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

In reviewing the study plan, the major depends on areas in:

  1. Business intelligence and data mining.
  2. Big data and machine learning.
  3. Descriptive and predictive analyzes of the data.
  4. Business strategies and smart resource management.
  5. Design smart agendas.
  6. Smart business programming and decision support.
  7. Data security in a smart business environment.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Nasim Matar

Department Chair
I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. The department aims to provide ...
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