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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Accounting is a specialized major that prepares students to interact actively in today's business environment by putting accounting theories and principles into practice in a variety of institutions. The accounting department offers a 132-credit-hour integrated curriculum. The syllabus includes University, Faculty, and Department requirements to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to work in various administrative positions in public and private sector companies in various fields (i.e. internships, finance, consulting, and auditing).

As a result, students can confidently pursue higher education or a professional career. The new course syllabus, which has been in place since 2006 and is regularly updated, focuses on improving students' skills in Accounting in general, and also their computer skills and English language in particular; additionally, it is concerned with academic research, which has been made mandatory since 2019.

The Accounting Department modules are taught in Arabic and English, depending on the student's track when applying to their bachelor’s program. Computer labs are available to use when necessary, based on course modules, with all necessary specialized accounting programs or other research databases available. Furthermore, in 2006, the department passed the education quality test for accounting departments in Jordanian universities.

The Al Hussein Fund for Excellence's experts praised the department's curriculum. The department received excellent scores on the university competency test when compared to other universities, and it was ranked third among Jordan's seventeen universities and academic institutions, outperforming most public and private universities in Jordan, earning the department's graduates an excellent reputation and assisting them in advancing their careers.

To be the program of choice in teaching accounting for students and scientific research for teaching staff in Jordan and region.

Provision of a outstanding accounting program for students to find job opportunities in labor market, pursue their higher studies and create stimulating research environment.

  1. Providing students with relevant accounting knowledge in the various fields required for the modern business environment.
  2. Providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and realize ethical, environmental, and professional issues in the modern business environment.
  3. Providing students with the practical applications and skills necessary to deal effectively with various accounting applications and systems in the modern business environment.
  4. Developing students' skills and abilities to conduct scientific research, analyze data, create a work plan, and make decisions using scientific and statistical methods.
  5. Providing students with the necessary skills to use information technology and systems, communicate with professional associations and information sources and prepare for continuous learning.
  6. Developing students' communication skills, teamwork, creative thinking, adaptation, and problem-solving abilities in the changing business environment.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Natour

Department Chair
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Accounting Department, which was established in 1994 and is considered one of the oldest and ...
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