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To be the best provider of UOP needs according to most favorable conditions timely and store them until being needed.
Our Ultimate Objective:
Providing high quality and timely services and all in-kind needs and to become an advanced services department. 
Our Tasks:
  1. Following standard specifications for most used supplies;
  2. Procurement of departments and colleges’ needs according to the applicable public budget regulation;
  3. Storing shared and surplus supplies of departments and colleges to be provided when necessary.
  4. Conducting the SPD inventory on a periodic basis in order to ensure that the warehouse goods match the system records; and
  5.  Procurement of the highest quality materials at best prices and favorable terms.  
  1. Dedication to work;
  2.   Promoting self-control (self-conscience) and honesty;
  3.   Teamwork;
  4.   Building friendly relationships among the university members; and
  5.  Reflecting the university reputation to partners.  
  1.  Continuously improving SPD in line with the university position;
  2.   Conducting the necessary studies for SPD improvement;
  3.   Formulating SPD policies and methods of implementing them;
  4.   Cooperating with other departments in the university to learn about methods of storing and maintaining in-kind supplies;
  5.   Giving priority to supplies made in Jordan; and
  6.   Giving priority to supplies offered by the resident tenderer. 
Supplies and Procurement Department (SPD) comes under the University organizational structure. SPD consists of:
  1.   Warehouses Section;
  2.  Procurement Section; and
  3.  Custody Section.


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