Job Description for the Warehouse Keeper:
  1. Accepting materials from suppliers and checking their quantities and condition;
  2. Arranging the goods and materials on the shelves;
  3. Provision the needed materials for faculties and units;
  4. Entering the quantities and prices of materials and goods into the system and generating a discharge bond for them;
  5. Receiving the alternative materials from the requesting party;
  6. Following up the warehouse needs from disposables;
  7. Receiving the damaged materials and goods and enter them into system according to the discharge bond;
  8. Following up the expiry date of the stored materials in the SPD’s warehouses;
  9. Using the lending forms for materials to be lent to return them to the warehouse; and
  10. Developing purchase orders (POs) for unavailable materials in the SPD’s warehouses. 
Job Description for Warehouse Section Director:
  1. Supervising warehouse keepers’ works;
  2. Ensuring the correctness of monthly balance sheets;
  3. Monitoring the duplicated orders of goods;
  4. Reconciliation of the warehouses’ bank accounts in coordination of the financial department at the end of year; and
  5. Supervising the annual inventory.

Job Description for Procurement Section Director:

  1. Provision the university needed materials;
  2. Getting the best quotation from the bidders;
  3. Searching for supply sources;
  4. Request for quotations;
  5. Evaluating the performance of the section employees;
  6. Managing procurement process in the section; and
  7. Organizing the procurement program.
Job Description for Custody Section Director:
  1. Supervising the university inventory of the fixed assets annually;
  2. Entering the materials into the system after fixing the code on them;
  3. Identifying custody of employees, faculties and units;
  4. Following up receipt of custody from the resigned employee;
  5. Transferring the custody from one employee to another in case of the employee deployment or new recruitment;
  6. Preparing the sheets of the fixed assets (furniture and devices) in case of disposal or sale;
  7. Following up with the warehouse in case of receiving furniture or devices that belongs to faculties and units and barcoding them in the name of the faculty or unit; and
  8. Generating a barcode for the university fixed assets’ items and following up them constantly.  
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