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Vision of the office of public services and maintenance
The office works for realizing an attractive and distinct university milieu.
Offering public services to deanships, centers and offices, creating green, peaceful and clean milieu, securing transportation for students and employees, and maintaining the university’s buildings and facilities, as a manifestation of the office’s mission.
1.    To preserve the public and private assets and properties of the university.
2.    To offer public services that create a university atmosphere and an appropriate environment that realize the objectives of study and learning.
3.    To offer support and sustenance to the deanships and offices inside the university for guaranteeing an effective dispatch of administrative and academic affairs.
4.    To optimally use material, human and technological resources to operate and maintain all the university’s installations, and regulate the costs of operation and maintenance of the university’s facilities.
5.    To provide all requirements necessary for achieving the required tasks with high efficiency.
6.    To supply all requirements necessary for facing emergencies and bad weather conditions.
This office is charged with the responsibility of sustaining security, supervising farming, cleanliness, communication and maintenance, securing transportation for students, and observing the activities of the trade market. It is also charged with cooperating and coordinating with all the university’s offices to render various university activities successful. The office consists of the following sections:
1.    Maintenance section
2.    Public service section (cleanliness, public sanitation, restaurants and observing the trade market)
3.    Communication section
4.    Traffic and transportation section
5.    University security section
6.    Farming section
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