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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
Access to a place among the ranks of prestigious universities at the regional level and the world, and using the latest computational techniques , and the prosecution of the rapid development in this field and service to achieve a modern university advanced goals.
Dissemination of culture of computer players for all members of the university staff and students and the use of all means of advanced technology and modern aphid.
  • Enable university students to make the most of the university site on the internet and get all the information possible about the Academy follow the situation of the student.
  • Enable all members of the university to take advantage of the infrastructure for a computer network in the field of academic and administrative.
  • Develop the use of electronic systems and the university upgradation including back to raise labor productivity and improve performance at the university.
  • The introduction of new systems based university designed, developed, and implemented the computer center staff and information.
  • Raise the efficiency of the staff of the computer center and information access to specialized courses in various technical areas to ensure that they rely entirely on the management of all things technical university in the future.
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