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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The idea of Nutrition Clinic at the University of Petra comes at a time established by the scientific conviction about the importance of good nutrition in maintaining a healthy body and reducing the risk of chronic diseases and mitigates its effects. The idea comes as a result of the commitment of Department of Nutrition at the University of Petra toward the university community and from the concern to perform its duty of healthy awareness toward the university’s students, teachers and employees. 
Our Vision:
  1. Clinic aspires to expand its work to serve the local community to raise awareness of nutrition.
  2. Contribute to the research and nutritional studies with through cooperation with institutions and bodies from outside the university, which operates in the same area.
  3. To become accredited center for training in the field of nutrition and diets and to attract those interested and working in the field.
  4. Open prospects for cooperation with official bodies of government institutions and non-governmental organizations and local community to contribute to the implementation of programs and nutritional care program for the prevention of disease. 
Event Calendar
<March 2023>