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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
How LRS works
  1. Two week after the start of the semester, the instructor will be able to evaluate the class in general, and spot the students who require special attention in a specific English skill.
  2. The instructor will fill in a referral form (attached) specially designed for such skill and will mark the area/s of weakness of such particular student.
  3. The Referral Form is designed in a way to include the following: (subject to amendments as required).
  • Personal information on the referred student: name, year, major, etc...
  • List of skills, topics, areas for ticking off.
  • Degree of weakness: 1- weak 2- very weak 3- seriously weak.
  • Date/s of each visit.
  • Action/s taken by LRS on each visit.
  • Signature of the student on each action.
  • Student's response after each visit (i.e. responded, assignment performed, no response, on going, etc.).
  • Name of referring Instructor.
  • Any other notes or remarks.
  1. The student will then visit LRS to meet / fix an appointment to meet the LRS instructor.
  2. Upon meeting with the student, the manager will reassess the case and promptly respond to the student's requirement.
  3. Depending on the case, the remedy may take the form of a direct answer, provision of hand out, exercises, reading materials tailor-made class/es, assignment/s or a research, as the case may be.
  4. The student will be provided with a Remedial Plan (Attached) specifying the materials given and actions taken.
  5. The student will go back to the instructor to review the Remedial Plan provided by RLS for approval or for making any necessary amendments or additions.
  6. A personal file (hard /electronic copy) will be created for each visiting student as a record, to be used as a reference and for progress report/s. This will include:
  • The Referral Form.
  • Remedial Plan.
  • Progress report/s.
  • Any other notes, remarks or feedbacks.
  1. The referring instructor will be notified with action/s taken together with a progress report by the completion of each case.
  2. A copy of the note/s progress report/s will be also furnished to the Head of English Department.
  3. Each time the student visits LRS, he or she will be re-evaluated, necessary actions and notes are duly taken.
  4. Upon the completion of the sessions assigned for each student, LRS Manager will liaise with the instructor concerned to review the situation of the student and agree on further action/s if required.
  5. Group classes may also take place for students of similar needs.
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