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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
LRS aspires to upgrade the standard of weak English language students at Petra University to enable them to bridge the gap between them and other higher standard colleagues.
Assess and deliver English training needs to students within Petra University of all years and departments and provide them with the materials, advice, classes, presentations, electronic references or handouts, as the case may be, to enable those targeted students to develop their four skills (reading, writing, conversation and comprehension), by means of tailor-made assignments and research. If necessary.
The objectives of this pioneering project include - but are not limited to - the following:
  • Assist the English instructors to spot the week points of the relative students.
  • Help the students concerned, in filling up their language gaps and remedy their weaknesses in specific areas.
  • Provide those students with solutions to their problems by means of: direct answers, provision of appropriate references (soft and hard copies) one to one tuition, group classes, working on assignments or research etc.
  • Ensure that the students are satisfied with the service provided, and have achieved their targets in terms of English training needs.
  • Ensure that the students have also scored better grades in their latest assessments / exams.
  • Establish close ties with students to encourage them to freely refer to LRS, for further advice.
  • Encourage the English language students to join the English Language Club and make the best use of the library at the University of Petra.
  • In coordination with the student's instructor, LRS will focus on the weaknesses of the student and monitor his/ her progress through a SMART remedial plan.
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