Being a pioneering tailor- made service; LRS must have its own resources and materials, which meet the needs of specific students for specific purposes. However LRS must be closely linked to UOP Library in order to avoid duplication and misuse of resources.
It is therefore suggested that materials, references, study sheets, handouts videocassettes, CDs. DVDs. textbooks, and other resources are agreed by instructors, so that they accumulate throughout the operation of LRS to form an acceptable learning resources in the long run.
However there are some basic references, which have to be available from the outset of the project, these are:
· Textbooks of each subject taught including teacher books student book, Cassettes and any 
  other related materials.
· A set of Arabic / English, English/Arabic and English /English dictionaries to cover beginners,intermediate and advanced levels.
· A set of general grammar books
· A set of vocabulary textbooks
· A set of guided reading textbooks
· A set of writing textbooks
· A set of listening audio cassettes
· A set of speaking skills references
· A set of simple readers references for specific levels
· Other references for the purpose of developing the 4 skills
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