Since of its establishment under the name of Girls University, The University of Petra (UOP) provided healthcare services through a healthcare clinic managed by a female physician and two female nurses. 
Healthcare services witnessed improvements to keep pace with the increasing number of admitted students. The Healthcare Clinic name changed to “Medical Unit”, with a staff consisting of a male physician, female physician and pharmacy with a female pharmacist. Afterwards, the Medical Unit name changed to “Medical Center”, with a staff consisting of two male physicians, a female physician, a female pharmacist, a nursing committee consisting of four members and an ambulance driver.
Thereafter, the center started providing its services to postgraduates on Saturdays and evenings in some weekdays during examinations days and for the students of the university's dormitory and provided a transport mean for students in need of healthcare round the clock.
The Center prepared two rooms for providing healthcare services to students and staff in the emergencies. The two rooms were supplied with electric beds, oxygen delivery devices, suction units and vaporizing devices to provide healthcare services to patients until their state of health stabilized. In some situations, the patients are transported by an ambulance with a male or female first-aid worker to one of the official hospitals.
The Medical Center provides healthcare services to beneficiaries through insurance companies to receive treatment by specialists in the Emergency Department of hospitals or inside approved hospitals.
Furthermore, the Medical Center offers medical coverage to the University's sport, cultural and social activities and during graduation ceremonies.
The Medical Center also provides healthcare services  to nursery’s children, established by the University  for the employees’ children. The Deputy Manager of the Medical Center, specialized in pediatrics, supervises the nursery.
The Health Center strives to be an advanced, reliable and safe center for providing first-aid services, treatment, prevention and guidance to students and university staff.
Provision of high quality healthcare services and maintaining the optimal health state of the University staff using up-to-date medical equipment.
  1. Provision of healthcare services that subjects to continuous improvement.
  2. Utilizing the most efficient medical means in providing the center services.
  3. Building relationships with the medical organizations, including selection of best health insurance programs.
  4. Raising awareness, consolidating the culture of diseases prevention, proper conduct of diseases prevention and raising the awareness to deal with medicine and drugs properly.
  5. Continuous cooperation and communication with the university faculties and departments (Faculty of Pharmacy) in particular to improve the staff competency and consolidation of continuous improvement culture.
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