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Medical Insurance Regulation
  • The student is covered by health insurance starting from the first day of the semester. Registration fees include medical insurance fees. Medical insurance remains valid until the last day of the semester, including students’ vacation between first, second and summer semesters. In case the student withdraws from the semester, the health insurance renders invalid.
  • UOP Medical Insurance covers 100% of treatment fees in the Medical Center as well as approved hospitals.
  • The students who are transferred to specialist shall have a treatment form issued by the Medical Center along with the University Card.
  • As for emergencies during nights, weekends or official holidays, the student consults the Emergency Department in one of the approved hospitals carrying his/her university card with the phrase “used for medical insurance purposes” written on the back of it.
  • The student pays 10% only of the costs of treatment, laboratory tests and X-rays requested by a specialist and conducted at an Emergency Department.
  • The Guide of approved hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and X-rays centers is available at rooms of physicians and nursing staff.
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