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What to do if you see someone having a seizure?

Ask any nearby person to call the emergency numbers:
  • 5100- 5120- 5140
  • 079 909 5406
  • 079 6600 911
  1. Roll the person on his or her side to prevent choking on any fluids or vomit.
  2. Cushion the persons head.
  3. Loosen any tight clothing around the neck.
  4. Keep the persons airway open.
  5. If necessary, grip the persons jaw gently and tilt his or her head back.
  6. Do not restrict the person from moving unless he or she is in danger.
  7. Do not put anything into the persons mouth, not even medicine or liquid. These can cause choking or damage to the persons jaw, tongue or teeth.
  8. Contrary to widespread belief, people cannot swallow their tongue during a seizure or any other time.
  9. Remove any sharp or solid objects that the person might hit during seizure.
  10. Note, how long the seizure lasts and what symptoms occurred so you can tell a doctor or emergency personnel if necessary.
  11. Stay with person until the seizure ends or until the medical personnel arrives.
Director of Healthcare Center
M.I.Asha M.D