UOPeLC was established at University of Petra as energetic Learning and technology consulting center. It leverages 
solutions which enables the university to achieve their
learning and business goals.
What we do?
  - UOPeLC specializes in eLearning Technologies
  - Blinded learning
  - learning management systems
  - Course redesign
  - eLearning Authoring and Development Tools
  - Online live courses
  - online examination
  - instructor’s evaluations
business process integration solutions that help the university to exploit its investment in IT while addressing their most pressing business problems and business objectives.
We work with university to understand the underlying learning issues and design a solution that fits our university needs.
Our core purpose is Realizing Visions with Technology, for our university, instructors, and students
  • For our university, we strive to achieve their business goals such as, increasing revenue or decreasing costs, by applying technology to solve learning problems and improving operations.
  • For instructors, we help them to achieve their learning goals by giving them the tools, training and in addition to experiences to achieve their professional and personal goals.
  • For students we Provide them with online materials ( eCourses, Online live class, Library Video, and R-Classes) to support consistent with the best information on quality online teaching training.

How we do it?
We focus on the university needs and maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our work. We achieve this by a single set of principles at the highest level, adhered to by all UOPeLC operations. This provides our university  with the best solutions, a consistent service, and access to worldwide resources.
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