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A Bridge Towards Knowledge


The vision of the e-learning center at UOP is to become the reference center to support the educational environment and e-learning and its applications locally and regionally.


Provide an e-learning educational environment that integrates information technology to improve the quality of teaching, learning and scientific research processes, and to compete at the local and global level, and to qualify the community of workers and students at the university for life-long leaning and effective communication with the global knowledge society.


  1. Disseminate the e-learning culture at the university.
  2. Enhance the capabilities and expertise of faculty members, staff and students in using modern technology and e-learning to acquire knowledge.
  3. Provide modern electronic environment and applications to support the teaching and learning process.
  4. Bridge the digital gap of using information technology in teaching and learning.
  5. Build a digital database that includes the courses offered by the university.
  6. Contribute to improving the quality of learning and teaching at the university through the application of integrated systems for students’ evaluation and follow-up.
  7. Provide technical and administrative consultations in the field of e-learning.

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