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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

The e-learning center undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Provide training courses and workshops for faculty members, workers and students on e-learning applications and methodologies that support the learning process.
  2. Manage e-learning systems and applications used at the university.
  3. Manage computerized exams.
  4. Encourage and support faculty members to computerize academic materials.
  5. Provide modern electronic applications that support e-learning.
  6. support the design and production of electronic instructional materials.
  7. Evaluate the usage of e-learning at the university.
  8. Provide advice and expertise in the field of e-learning.
  9. Educate students about laws (cybercrime) and professional ethics through workshops.
  10. Linking e-learning outcomes, scientific content of the course, and evaluation strategies and methods.
  11. Prepare special forms and implementation procedures for developing e-courses.
  12. Issuing instructions to ensure the quality of e-learning products.​

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