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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
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For students who have passed the high-school (secondary-school) general exams as well as those who have not passed them.
Course’s aim
  • To prepare and supply designs.
  • To acquire the ability of supplying designs for printing.
  • To acquire scientific knowledge via dealing with practical training and projects.
  • To comprehend the properties of the program and the purpose of using them.
  • To use tools effectively and professionally.
Job opportunities after graduation
·         Printing design and television montage
1.    Designer in publicity and advertisement bureaus.
2.    Marketer in advertisement and marketing companies.
3.    Editing video and montaging clips, sound and subtitles in artistic production companies.
4.    Designing logotypes and cartoons in newspapers and magazines.
5.    Adding animated pictures and composing web pages in production studios working in animated pictures.
·         Engineering graphics and two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation
1.    Making digital video and films in companies producing animated pictures.
2.    Designing projects and seeing them as they are in reality in engineering bureaus and interior design and decoration bureaus.
3.    Companies of presentation shows and instructional discs.
4.    Designer and inspector of areas in construction companies and bureaus.
5.    Designing and animating three-dimensional entities in the fields of television and architecture.
Period of the training diploma
Two semesters covering 400 hours
Certificate of training diploma in Typographic Design and Engineering Drawing
At the end of training, the student earns the following certificates in Arabic and English from the University of Petra. These certificates are to be ratified by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research:
  • Level-one certificate entitled Training Diploma in Typographic Design and Engineering Drawing 200 training hours.
  • Level-two certificate entitled Training Diploma in Engineering Graphics and Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Animation, 200 training hours.
Subjects of the training diploma
Engineering Graphics and Two-dimensional and Three-Dimensional Animation
Typographic Design and Engineering Drawing
·        Flash
·         Computer Skills
·        English Language
·         Adobe Photoshop
·         Max Ds3
·         Adobe InDesign
·         AutoCAD
·         Adobe Illustrator
·         Adobe Premiere
·         Adobe After Effect


  • Free transportation to and from the university.
  • Discounts for the brothers of students enrolled in the university and of employees working with the university.
  • Free course in English language.
  • Field training can be done at the end of the study period.
  • Study is supported with modern training equipment and requirements for the field training.
  • Advanced payment of the fees and the rest can be paid in installments.
Procedure of registration and accreditation
  • Photocopy of the civil status identity card for Jordanians.
  • Three personal photographs.
  • 400 Jordanian Dinars as advanced payment.
  • Photocopy of passport and photocopies of residence card for Non-Jordanians.
Event Calendar
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