Professor Adnan Badran
University of Petra
P.O. Box 961343 Amman 11196 Jordan
Fax. 00962-6-5714427

Business Address:
University of Petra
P.O. Box 961343 Amman 11196 Jordan
Fax . 00962-6-5714427
Educational Record:


  • Ph.D             1963   Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich. USA. 
  • MSc.             1960   Michigan State University, East. Lansing, Mich. USA.
  • B.Sc.            1959   Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla., USA.
  • Hon. Ph.D.     1981   Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Hon . Doctorate in Science 2007, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich. USA.
  • West Watkins distinguished Lectureship Award 2009, Oklahoma State University USA.
  • Honorary Professorship 2012, L.N.Gumilev Eurasian National University AstanaKazakhstan.
  • Hon. Doctorate in Business, 2014 Yarmouk University, Jordan.




  • English, French, Arabic, some understanding of Spanish
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the baccalaureateAmman, Jordan (1983)
  •  Member, Executive Committee of the Noor Al Hussein FoundationAmman, Jordan (1985)
  •  Member, Board of Trustees of the King Hussein FoundationAmman, Jordan (1999)
  •  Chairman of the Jubilee InstituteAmman, Jordan (2000).
  •  President of Arab Academy of Sciences. Beirut, (2003).
  •  Member, Board of Trustees of Masdar Institute of Technology, Abu Dhabi (2007).
  •  Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), Beirut (2008).
  •  Member of UNESCO GoodWill committee on Discrimination in Education (2011 ).
  •  Member, Board of Trustees of Arab Thought Forum, Amman (2012)
  •  Vice President, The Higher Council for Science & Technology (H.C.S.T), Amman (2013)
  •  Chairman of Board of Trustees of Jordan University, Amman (2014).
Employment History:
2007 -
Professor of Biotechnology, University of Petra, Amman.
President, University of Petra, Amman
Chairman of the Administrative Board of Arab Thought Forum, Amman.
Senator and chairman of the senate committee on education science, culture and media.
Prime Minister of Jordan & Minster of Defense.
President of Philadelphia University.
Deputy Director General (DDG), UNESCO, Paris..
Assistant Director General for Science (ADG/SC), UNESCO, Paris.
Minister of Agriculture, Jordan.
Minister of Education. Jordan
1986 – 1987
Secretary General of the Higher Council for Science and Technology, Jordan.
1976 – 1986
Founding President of Yarmouk University, Jordan and Founder of the Science and Technology University Campus (JUST University), Jordan.
Professor  at Yarmouk University and at Jordan University for Science and Technology and  University of Jordan.
Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Jordan.
Assistant, Associate, Professor, Faculty of Science University of Jordan.
Senior Research Plant Physiologist and Biochemist at the United Fruit Research Laboratories, U.S. and Central America, and member of the Board of Management.
Research Assistant at Michigan State University. USA.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society - Amman, Jordan (2012 -       ).
  • President, Board of National Center of Human Rights (2008-2011),
  • President of the Asia-Pacific Forum on human rights (APF) Sidney (2009-2011),
  • Member of Int'l coordinating committee of human rights, Geneva.
  • Advisory Board Member, Arab Thought Foundation, Beirut (2009 -2014 ).
  • Past Vice president and Treasurer of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS),
  • Executive Board member of: International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) ,
  • Member of International council of Scientific Union (ICSU), and International Association of Universities (IAU) and Universities presidents (IAUP),
  • Member of UNESCO bio-Science network. Royal Society of Conversation of Nature (RSCN), etc.


Highest Renaissance, Al-Nahda Medal, Yarmouk, Khalid Bin Walid Medal, Alfonso the tenth Medal, Spain: Hall of Fame Alumni Award Oklahoma State University U.S.A, Independence National Medal, Estiklal, Arab Thought Foundation Award for best researcher in higher education in the Arab world (2005). TWAS Regional Prize for "Building Scientific Institutions", Durban, South Africa, Oct. 2009 etc.  World Education Asia award for Outstanding Contribution to education 2011.  Shoman award for Peer review of young Arab scientists 
Books Patents and Papers Published:
Twenty books covering textbooks in biology, environment and energy,
100 Scientific papers and articles published in plant metabolism and oxidative enzymes, in science and technology, education, environment and culture.  Education in transition in Middle East (Paragon book 1987).  Agriculture in Middle East, Protected Cultivation    (Paragon 1990).Biology and health education UNESCO books on New trends in education (1986) and   Strategy of S & T for development etc.
Patents: Four major patents U.S. & Europe, in enzymes extraction, environmental control of perishable food.
Major Contributions of Significant Application Impact:
  • In Research and Development (R&D) International):
    1. After extensive research on banana metabolism and ethylene biogenesis, an environmental technique was developed to suppress respiration and ethylene evolution-extend the shelf life and delay the ripening process. Fruits were harvested at large caliber, without being at risk of turning ripe during shipping. This lead to quality bananas branded Banavac (Chiquita), shipped all over the world from central America (1963-1966).
    2. After extensive biochemical and histological research on the mechanism of polyphenol oxidase and identifying substrate (L-dopamine) and inhibitors of high molecular weight (tannins) A technique was developed to control the core browning and the peel scars of bananas, elucidating the mechanism of core browning and chilling injury . The outcome has lead to quality bananas brand "Chiquita", free of core browning and dark scars (1963-1966).
  • In Institutional Building, (National):
    1. Establishing College of Science at the University of Jordan.
    2. Establishing Yarmouk University of 16000 Students and Jordan University of Science and Technology of 14000 students of Arts and Sciences, Medical Sciences, Agriculture and Vet. Sciences, Engineering and Business Management.
    3. Creating Higher Council for Science and Technology, responsible for research policies and funding.
    4. Developing and expanding Philadelphia University as its president, from 3300 undergraduate students to a comprehensive university of 7500 students of diversified specializations.
    5. Developing and expanding University of Petra as its president to 7465 undergraduate & graduate students and improving quality and standards.
  • Multilateral Cooperation for Development:

    UNESCO ADG & DDG in Paris 1990 – 1998, for promoting education, science, culture and media in the world through mobilizing partnership and cooperation in research, training and enhancing intellectual cooperation, heading 2000 international staff and field offices covering regions of the world.
  • Curriculum Development of Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences in Jordan and the Arab Region, in addition to authoring biology textbooks.
    1. Co-chairman of UNESCO – EOLSS Joint Committee for the Development of "Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems" of 200 volumes written by 3000 scientists world- wide, published electronically. 2006. www.EOLSS.Net
    2. President AAS who published "Encyclopedia of the Arab Region", four volumes. 2007.
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