A Bridge Towards Knowledge
We aspire to be the "University of Choice", in Jordan and the region, for learners and scholars
Our Mission Statements:
Our Purpose
We aim to play a significant role in the progress of our nation through creating and disseminating knowledge & technology and preparing graduates who can contribute positively towards their communities.
Our Business:
Our mission is to create an academic, cultural and social environment that develops quality learning creativity, innovation, and research opportunities; builds up the competence of our members; provides active community service, and prepares our students to be capable of creative and critical thinking and lifelong learning, and are able to compete in the marketplace.
  • Governance
Preserving a responsible leadership and governance held accountable for their acts, careful in their conduct, and strategically qualified for leading the university to realize its vision and mission and optimal use of its resources and preserving them.
  • Academic environment and resources
Establishing an academic environment full of vigor and activity via providing human and financial resources and the infrastructure of teaching and learning, and contributing to the production and dissemination of knowledge and technology.
  • Cultural environment
Promoting intellectual activities, creative thinking, freedom of expression, and collective dialogue for establishing a rich cultural environment, which respects disagreement and positively contributes to the culture of the local community.
  • Social environment
Building a cooperative and consistent university community characterized by a stimulative environment and encouraging conditions of working and learning, through which the employees and the students can enjoy their achievements and positively contribute with all their potentials.
  • Teaching quality
Providing and enhancing qualitative teaching, which is supported by convenient diversified studied programs for preparing graduates who possess distinct academic and professional proficiency and are capable of acquiring science through their lifetime, which enables them to force their way successfully toward higher studies and the job market.
  • Building qualifications
Creating opportunities, designing programs, and granting incentives, which enables the employees and the students of the university to develop their skills, expertise, qualifications that lead to promoting them.
  • Scientific research and foreign cooperation
Providing funds and the necessary resources, creating bridges with the foreign world, and encouraging inventions and innovations for creating opportunities for scientific research, innovative discoveries, transmission of technology, and the active participation in conferences and symposia.
  • Local community service
Supporting different curricular and extracurricular activities and initiatives, which are steered toward assessing the economic and social aspects and promoting them in the local community.
The University of Petra is committed to perseverant and unceasing work for realizing continuous improvement and development, and seeks to realize the expectations of its clients via applying the quality criteria and the ISO system 9001:2008. This policy is reviewed periodically by the university administration.
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