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Job Description for the Cultural Relations , Cultural Production, & Divisions
  1. To monitor the scientific and cultural activities held at the university (lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions) and access to working papers related to the events.
  2. Arrange and prepare for university events (official and otherwise) and organization.
  3. Preparation and organization of visits of official delegations and the People's Student of the University.
  4. Receive the university Guests and the preparation of their visit, & participate in attracting new students.
  5. Preparation of the of invitees lists to university events and invitations to them in a timely manner.
  6. To provide local cultural institutions and other bodies with issues , including on the university bulletin regularly and continuously, in addition to the circulation of a list of official bodies, institutions and universities.
  7. Participation in the preparation of print media (brochures, annual book, student guides and the annual report).
  8. Coordination with the concerned authorities at the university with regard to preparing for conferences, seminars and organized (secure tickets, booking hotels, and farewell reception, the conference venue booking and processing, preparation of publications and stationery necessary, inquiries in restaurants, and transportation ).
  9. Participation in attracting new students and the promotion of the University locally and academically.
  10. The representation of the university in the domestic and international exhibitions.
  11. Any other tasks assigned by the Director of the Department.
Job Description for the Media Division
  1. Participation in the preparation of print media (brochures, annual book, student guide, accreditation guide, the annual report,& the university calendar etc.).
  2. Media coverage of conferences, seminars, official visits and events of the university activities.
  3. To monitor all media releases and photos issued by the university and save it computer.
  4. To monitor the daily newspapers and media to prepare daily report back.
  5. Maintaining audio visual materials, that are related to events (University of documentary films and events, graduation ceremonies, &the activities of university officials)
  6. banner preparation required for university events.
  7. Prepare the required advertisements published in local newspapers ,regional and international, concerning the promotion of the University.
  8. Any other tasks assigned by the Director of the Department .
Jop Description for the International Relation Division
  1. Follow up the conditions of candidates for the emission and to support them with daily headlines of the foreign universities list approved by Petra university &the United States, Canada, European countries, in addition to educate candidate via correspondence or e-mail.
  2. Participation in the updated information to the cultural and international relations at the university website.
  3. Hold official contacts with foreign embassies, regional, Arab countries and foreign representatives in Jordan to build strong relations with them.
  4. Participate in the preparation of programs designed to market and promote the university at the regional and international exhibitions, organizing of visits and international conferences.
  5. Preparation of drafts of international bilateral agreements with universities abroad for the exchange of faculty members, post graduate studies Name items to MSC and PhD degree. in various disciplines.
  6. Opening of files for each candidate.
  7. Preparation and official guide books to schools in respect of the academic situation of the candidates and delegates.
  8. Preparation of official letters to faculties regarding candidates academic progresse.
  9. Contact with international organizations and donor institutions in order to attract the support of scientific research projects at the university.
  10. Any other tasks assigned by the Director of the Department.
Event Calendar
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