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UOP Nursery is committed to providing the safest environment to the children and watching them when they are inside the nursery or in its external square. UOP Nursery staff has covered the bars in the nursery with protective sponge to keep the children safer. To maintain the safety of your children, please ensure that they do not hide or carry the following:
  1. Money and coins.
  2. Jewels and gold.
  3. Glass materials, such as: Bottles, cups, baby bottles...etc.; Instead, we prefer sending plastic bottles, cups and bottles.
  4. Sharp toys.
  5. Belts and buckles. Moreover, children's shoes must be without shoelaces and easy to take on and off.
  6. Please deliver your child to the employee and take your child from her. When the parents take the child, the nursery will not be responsible for accidents occurred inside the nursery or the playing square.
Children Supervision
UOP Nursery staff are qualified and experienced caretakers and assistants. They provide day care to your children and balances between playing, involvement, joyful and organization daily. UOP Nursery hosts a specified number of children in each stage to maintain the children's safety.
UOP Nursery's Working Days
UOP Nursery does not operate during the holidays announced by UOP, such as official holidays, annual holidays and holidays between semesters. Kindly review the university calendar posted on UOP website.
Event Calendar
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