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The nursery employees follow a pre-set health policy to protect the health of children.
Components of the Health Policy
  • Providing documents, vaccination card, disease-free certificate and child registration form, including: Blood type, routine check report, health problems, sensitivity, chronic diseases, etc…
    1. Emergency form that includes the names and addresses of authorized individuals to deliver and receive the children and their relationship with the child for the purposes of bringing children to the nursery. Copies of those individuals' identity proofs must be maintained.
    2. Name of the child physician or family physician.
    3. Medication Administration Policy: The physician-prescribed medications are administered and returned in its original box. The child name, physician name, dose and administration method are written on the medication.
  • The child must stay in a safe place until his/her family attends.
  • In case of incidents requiring transporting children to the hospital, the child family is informed upon calling the child physician.
  • Monitoring the children health and informing their families if the child is infected with: Acute coughing, breathing difficulties, eye infection and appearance of body breakouts and skin patches, or if the child is infected with communicable diseases, such as: Small pox, measles, mumps or any diseases that require the children to stay in home.
  • Informing the child family if he/she is infected with a communicable disease or head-lice.
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