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Building a good reputation for the club at all levels.
Developing integrated policies and initiatives to provide comprehensive services that achieve noble humanitarian and social objectives in light of the available resources and to strengthen the members’ confidence in the club.
The club aims to serve the members, university workers and local society at cultural, social, sports and recreational levels and organize meaningful initiatives.
Roles and responsibilities:
  1. Developing meaningful policies and initiatives on a regular and annual basis and making amendments to them in light of the suggestions made by the members of the club administrative body;
  2. Defining and enforcing the requirements for nominating to administrative body membership;
  3. Contributing to the implementation of local society service policy and building bridges for cooperation in a way that achieves the university mission;
  4. Coordinating and implementing service-based initiatives in cooperation with public and private companies in Jordan to reduce the financial costs on the club members;
  5. Enhancing cooperation between media companies and bodies and public-private educational institutions to integrate the general objectives, including promoting to the university;
  6. Reviewing all issues, needs and remarks raised by the members of the administrative body and meeting as well as resolving them in light of the club regulations and available financial resources;
  7. Continuing to organize cultural initiatives and serve the local society;
  8. Approving the annual budget of the club by the administrative body;
  9. Taking care of social relationships and inculcating spirit of love and cooperation in club members.
Strategic Objectives:
  • Providing investment opportunities to the members of administrative body by establishing a consumer society owned by the club shareholders;
  • Improving initiatives and services provided to the club members;
  • Fostering partnership between UOP and other segments of the society to cooperate on the basis of solidarity and complementarity and to activate social and charitable initiatives;
  • Developing further cultural programs;
  • Issuing a cultural magazine for publishing the members’ publications and news and UOP news and achievements. The club administrative body called this Magazine "Petra Voice".
Event Calendar
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