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The University of Petra Club Launches the Twenty-Fourth Winter Campaign

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Under the auspices of the University President, Prof. Marwan Al-Muwalla, the University of Petra (UOP) launched Petra Club's twenty-fourth Winter Campaign. The Campaign included delivering quantities of sheets and blankets to thirteen charities and an orphan care center.
Dr. Tayseer Abu Arja, University Vice President delivered them and said that: "The Winter Campaign of Petra Club is a practice which the club has taken to enhance the university's role in the community service domain which contributes to strengthening relations between individuals and society institutions and helps in solving part of the challenges that society faces".
Moreover, Dr. Abu Arja expressed that the University of Petra takes care of its social responsibility and community service, stressing that the activation of civil-society institutions to the community service domain in its programs and plans helps to reduce the many burdens that society faces.
The directors of some charities presented honorary shields to the university president, the Director of the Petra Club, and the club’s administrative body, valuing the university’s role in serving the local community, and praising the university’s annual winter campaign.
It is noted that the Petra Club's charitable winter campaign collects its donations from members of the academic and teaching bodies at the university, adding: "The campaign supports charitable foundations in Amman and in the various governorates of the Kingdom and it is a habit that the Club has been doing it annually as an essential part of its social activities".
It is noteworthy to mention that Petra Club is a club for the members of the university’s administrative and teaching bodies. Since its foundation in 1997, the club has relied on launching the winter campaign in the winter season in addition to a Ramadan charity campaign.