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Jordan is considered one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. The amount of rain-water fall on UOP campus is around 500 mm per year. UOP has its underground water-well 350 m depth, recharged surface aquifer from annual rainfall. The water is a healthy water, sufficient to the consumption of the university, but not to irrigate the greenery of the campus.
Therefore, a policy was set and implemented to optimize the water consumption by recycling water through a recycling station of 200 m³/day built on the lowest spot of the campus to collect all sewage waters by gravitation.
Recycled water was then pumped to reservoirs on the highest spots of the campus to irrigate all lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees through drip-irrigation to maintain a green campus. The university is in the process of building 50,000 m³ reservoir under the stadium which is located in the lowest spot of the campus, to harvest rain-water by gravitation of the campus.
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