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  • Use of Electric Cars:
The university has secured electric cars to reduce carbon dioxide emission. It has procured electric trains to move students on the ring- road among buildings, as friendly use of the campus.
  • Campus for Pedestrians:
The university has prevented the entrance of cars to the main campus, but only into the ring road to create a walking campus to students free of cars, emission of gases and noise.
  • Free-parking campus to staff and students:
The university is a walking campus for safety of students and staff. The university is providing free parking for students of 1,000 cars in five-story building and in the process of providing under the stadium space for 3,000 cars underground smart-parking, well ventilated.
Vehicles will be confined to the ring road circulating the campus buildings from the outset and provided with parking covered solar panels. Electrical carriages will serve the circulation of students to all campus building to reduce emission of CO2.
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