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 1- Increase the Open Space Areas in the University:

Half of the total area of the university is natural area. The university has planted nearly 10,000 trees to capture carbon dioxide emission. General services department at UOP has issued a directive to give the priority to water efficient plants when considering any improvement to the campus. Also, the university has created green areas around all buildings.
 2- Rehabilitation of infrastructure and architecture:
Policy was set and implemented to rehabilitate old buildings to save on heating in winter and cooling in summer through proper insulation and restructuring building electromechanical. All new buildings have followed a strict criterion of good insulation and ventilation. Shaded pergolas were provided throughout with kiosks to provide snacks and refreshments.
 3- WiFi and Internet:
The campus is covered with 180 Mbps free wireless internet and fiber optics cables covering all buildings, where students and staff are able to access to information. Also, students buses are provided with free WiFi.
4- Smoking-restricted campus:
The campus is smoking-restricted campus. Smoking is not allowed in public access, teaching or working areas in any of the university's buildings. The university provided isolated special rooms, for smokers with forced ventilation.
 5- Camera-controlled campus against abuse:
750 Cameras are controlling the campus entry exits and public places to control abuses and are linked to central control room at the computer and informatics center.
 6- Central-controlled system:
All cameras, smart cards, and car magnetic stickers are linked to centrally controlled center at the computer and information center for monitoring entry and exits of cars to the ring-road and parking spaces.​
 7- Smart card for entry and using free services and facilities:
​The smart magnetic master card is provided free to students upon registration to access classrooms and library as well as entry and exit of all students and staff of the campus.
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