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The University of Petra has shifted in 2015 to full solar power to generate total electricity from photovoltaic system 1.5 mw.
In 2012 the consumption of electricity in the campus was 3.066.631 kilowatt hour. It has been reduced to 2.886.705 kilowatt hour through 2013, and to 2.306.845 kilowatt hour in 2014 due to change lighting to LED.
The University has its own artesian well. The water treated and becomes fit for its desired end-use (mainly for drinking purposes). The well provides the university with all water requirements.
The University has its own wastewater treatment plant. The utilized water is totally recycled in the plant, and the treatment process is carried out to provide all water used for irrigation.
The University campus is pedestrian to encourage walking by staff and students. Buses and cars are not allowed except in ring road around the campus to get in and out.
The University has a multi-story parking lot next to the entry gate to accommodate staff and student cars with a capacity of 1000 vehicle. In addition to parking lots adjacent to faculties for easy short exit.
Energy conservation program
The University of Petra is committed to be a positive and a creative force in the protection and enhancement of the local and global environment, It is the University's policy to reduce energy consumption whenever possible through the active efforts of its faculty, staff, and students in closing doors, turning off lights, and generally making positive efforts to conserve energy and through passive means such as installing energy-saving devices and lights. UOP is a leader locally to install solar photovoltaic to use free energy from the sun.
Water conservation program
UOP is committed to reducing water consumption; we are encouraged to recycle water and to reuse reclaimed waste water, where waste water reuse contributes significantly to agriculture at the university.
Recycle program
The University of Petra is committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management program. The waste management efforts include recycling, which is an important waste management activity that helps conserve resources and land spaces and also reduces waste disposal costs. We are using both sides of every piece of paper. And not purchasing products of packaging that will quickly become waste and avoiding disposables and printing e-mails or web pages.
Transportation policy
UOP strategies to minimize transportation costs by reducing driving, we are running free campus shuttles and the university provides a variety of transportation and free parking options to students, faculty and staff. (The parking building is hosting 1000 vehicles).
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