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UOP provides variety disciplinarians that are related to the environment such as Advanced Topics in Environmental Engineering, Environmental law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, etc…
Moreover, the university funded a research program aimed at the utilization of multispectral satellite images for remote water quality evaluation of inland water body in Jordan, with a high degree of vulnerability of its water bodies.
A second project has also been funded by the university that aims at mapping land surface temperature in Amman between (1985-2018) and relating land surface temperature to land-use patterns. Consequently, the Urban Heat Islands (UHI) magnitude will be evaluated. Moreover, Amman thermal patterns will be analyzed and investigated and an appropriate action plan will be developed to help decision-maker in their future land use planning and minimize climate change risks and impacts of urbanization.
The university organized a symposium dedicated to subjects relevant to adaptation strategies to climate change impacts with more focus on the case of Jordan. This unique event aimed to promote interactions, to motivate discussions and to encourage collaborations among the global community on adaptation strategies to buffer climate change threats. An exchange of information about different countries experiences, which enhance present sustainable practices, is crucial to develop present and future response action plans to climate change impacts. Participants from different local ministries, municipalities and relevant NGOs took part in this symposium.
Also, many researches were published which are related to the environment.

Furthermore, students' engagement in sustainability related projects is vastly important. For example, students annually participate in the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED).

Well-organized student clubs were also established under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs; some of which are concerned with sustainability related activities. Two of the most active ones are Environment Club, and Chemistry and Environment Club, whose activities encourage and support sustainability culture, spirit of volunteering, public services and teamwork in sustainability-related fields.

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