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The Public and International Relations Department (PIRD) was established in the same year of establishing University of Petra (UOP) more than two decades of its. PIRD also played an important role in building distinctive relations with universities, centers as well as local and Arab scientific, cultural and educational institutions.
PIRD has continued in implementing its plans aiming at developing UOP relations with opinion leaders, including:  Politicians, thinkers, scientists, and intellectuals and networking with audiovisual, print and online media outlets to promote to UOP news, activities and programs.
  • Increase interaction between UOP and local community by opening the door for visits of schools and local community institutions to learn about UOP programs and facilities, serve local community and support UOP in improving its performance and achieving its mission.
  • Improve relations between UOP staff and follow principles of teamwork to achieve high performance and vision and mission of the university.
  • Enhance communication with media outlets to cover UOP activities, particularly news websites, build partnership with them and hold regular meetings with the representatives of news websites to clarify UOP mission to them and emphasize on principles of community service and best interest of students.
  • To promote a positive image to UOP campus, facilities, students, teaching staff, administrative staff, programs and activities.
  • To attract local and Arab students by promoting UOP programs and interaction with the local community.
  • To facilitate work of teaching and administrative staff and eliminate obstacles they face.
  • To effectively enhance UOP reputation locally and internationally.
  • To open channels of communication with local community organizations, educational, cultural, social and service institutions and local and international universities.
  • To promote UOP mission, philosophy, activities and news through various media outlets and seize all opportunities to achieve this end in any event.
  • To continuously communicate with UOP faculties, departments and units and meet their needs of publications, services and media coverage of their works to achieve UOP vision and mission.
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