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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
  • Participating in the preparation of programs for guests’ visits and their reception.
  • Coordinating with relevant stakeholders at UOP to prepare for and organize conferences and symposiums, including:
    1. Ticketing.
    2. Hotel booking.
    3. Reception and farewell duties.
    4. Booking and preparing conference venue.
    5. Producing publications, setting equipment and machines and securing stationary.
    6. Restaurants booking.
    7. Securing means of transport.
  • Preparing for and organizing university events and other events.
  • Preparing lists of invitees to UOP events and extending invitations to them timely.
  • Providing UOP periodicals to local cultural institutions and other institutions on a regular basis.
  • Participating in the preparation of publications (including leaflets, annual book, student manual and annual report).
  • Monitoring scientific and cultural activities held at UOP (including lectures, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions) and collecting their working papers to be kept.
  • Generating media coverage of conferences, symposiums, official visits and national events organized by UOP.
  • Monitoring all news reports and images issued by UOP and keeping them in a special archive or cultural library.
  • Keeping a copy of all audio-visual recordings related to events, including: Royal anthem, documentaries for UOP and its events, recordings for graduation ceremonies and recordings for UOP leaders’ activities.
  • Preparing annual budget for public and international relations department.
  • Following-up scholarship candidates and providing them with the accredited universities list in the United States of America (USA), Canada, the European countries and monitoring affairs of the students dispatched to study abroad via correspondence or e-mail.
  • Following-up cash transfers to students dispatched to study abroad that cover tuition fees and monthly salaries in coordination with the Financial Department, Administrative Manager and the concerned dean.
  • Updating the information of public and international department at UOP website.
  • Communicating with Arab and foreign embassies to arrange ambassadors or cultural attachés to UOP and meet with UOP president or vice-President.
  • Communicating with donor organizations and institutions to support scientific research projects and search for sources of financing development projects at UOP.
  • Preparing draft international cooperation agreements to be concluded with foreign universities to exchange teaching staff and secure postgraduate admissions in needed majors.
  • Creating files for candidates and dispatched students.
  • Preparing and directing official letters to the concerned faculties about the academic performance of the candidates and dispatched students.
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