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We welcome you to the Webpage of the UOP Financial Department. The Financial Department established in 1991 and became one of the major departments in the university.
The Financial Department seeks to provide the best services to all customers, including: Students, teaching staff and external providers. According to UOP organizational structure, the Financial Department reports to UOP President.
The Financial Department takes the responsibility of developing fiscal policies and plans, collecting students’ fees, developing financial reports and estimated UOP budgets according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, decisions of the Board of Trustees and decisions of the UOP management. Accordingly, UOP upcoming programs are developed and launched. 
Moreover, the Financial Department develops periodic financial reports on UOP assets, expenses and procurement, organizes annual inventories to maintain and monitor UOP assets and prepares UOP financial statements that reflect UOP financial position on a quarterly basis.
The Financial Department utilizes accounting software, modern tools and international standards to provide decision makers with accurate financial information to take sound decisions that are in line with UOP interest, growth and development.
The Financial Department Strategy
The Financial Department seeks to provide high quality financial and administrative services to all customers by implementing the international standards, utilizing up-to-date accounting software and tools and developing staff skills.
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