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The responsibilities of the Financial Department include the following:
Fiscal Policies
Complying with fiscal policies approved by the Board of Trustees under the supervision and guidance of UOP President, proposing amendments to these policies through UOP President to ensure workflow and compliance with related professional standards, following best practices in this regard and adhering to related laws and legislation.
Work Procedures
Complying with UOP applicable regulations and instructions, proposing improvements to these regulations and instructions to achieve the highest level of controlling financial processes implementation according to the powers, ensure optimal use of UOP resources through financial control and adopt procedures that achieve these objectives.
Annual Budget
Participating in developing the UOP Annual Budget according to gathered data and UOP needs to ensure controlling various expenditure items and ensure spending optimally and as planned.
Financial Reports
Developing all types of financial reports on a timely basis to be used in decision-making or continuous work control and making information available to UOP management and competent parties.
These reports include annual financial reports and quarterly financial reports which are sent to relevant regulatory entities and published according to the requirements of the law.
Supporting Scientific Research and Scholarships
UOP management is committed to the requirements of the law. Moreover, scientific research is a top priority for UOP. UOP management and Deanship of Scientific Research follow up supporting scientific research continuously either financially or materially through provision of devices and equipment for research according to informed and organized decisions.
This support varies from supporting research papers, supporting participation in the conferences, subscribing in the journals and databases, supporting research publication and providing various compensations to promote scientific research and refereeing.
UOP management gives an equal attention to scholarships with a view to proving necessary MA and PHD graduates. UOP management decided to send eligible candidates to different countries to obtain MA or PHD degrees. Scholarships Committee selects eligible scholarship applicants according to the principles of equal opportunities and fairness.
Regulatory Entities
UOP management is committed to implementing legislation, instructions and regulations concerning organizing educational institutions. UOP management, moreover, adheres to the legislation and institutions issued by regulatory entities and maintains good relationships that are based on cooperation, integration and respect for these entities’ right in control. UOP management is also committed to full transparency and disclosure on a regular basis.
UOP management always welcomes other regulatory entities as this is a source of pride for UOP. UOP management helps regulatory entities staff to perform their works, including: Internal and external auditors, quality control and assurance organizations staff and other regulatory entities’ staff. UOP management accepts all observations and recommendations by these entities and considers them as means for performance improvement. UOP management and staff understands that those entities contribute in improving performance and workflow in order to achieve UOP strategic objectives.
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