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Equality and sustainability Office (E&S Office) at the UOP was established in May 2021 with the appraised support of the Free Erasmus+ project. The E&S Office leads efforts to make sure that during your stay at the UOP, you are part of an inclusionary milieu that honors cultural diversity and integration between males and females. We also plan for a sustainable environment and lead efforts towards our Core Values of stewarding existing office and university resources through innovation, education, and participation in community development.

Our Mission:

Engage females in Higher Education gender-related activities and harness resources to promote gender equality and leadership.

Our Vision:

To be a sustainable hub in Jordan and the region to disseminate knowledge about gender equality, diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Our Core Values:

  1. We believe in the following core values:

  2. Equal opportunities for female inclusions.

  3. Female participation in decision making.

  4. Respect commitment and acceptance of the female leadership ideas and freedom.

  5. Recognition of female personal and professional success and achievement.

  6. Independent through actions – creativity, inclusion, and participation.

  7. Harmony, strong relationship with the society and themselves.

  8. Recognition of females as a source of creativity in research and practice.

  9. Integration of females' role models in the Higher Education Institution (HEI) through research and practice.

The Office Responsibilities

Our office would promote gender equality and females' empowerment through the HEI community, manages a portfolio of ongoing agenda of training sessions, and leads the development of a program to disseminate knowledge about gender equality in Jordan. Therefore, our responsibilities would be:

  1. Organizational and society culture: Conduct sessions and overview of success stories.

  2. Fair and transparent procedure for selecting institutional leaders and decision-makers.

  3. Fair and transparent procedure for recruitment.

  4. Integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content.

  5. Link females in the university community with successful female leaders at the national and international levels.

Event Calendar
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