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The Board of Trustees assumes the following tasks and powers:
A. Designing University’s general policy.
B. Approving University’s annual strategic plan according to the University council’s recommendation and following up its implementation and evaluation.
C. Evaluating the University’s performance regarding the academic, administrative, financial and infrastructure aspects and discussing self-evaluation reports submitted by the University regularly. In addition, the university president submits annual report to the board according to the standards specified by the board for this purpose.
D. Appointing deputy presidents, branch presidents and deans upon the university president’s recommendation.
E. Recommending the council to establish University’s faculties, departments and scientific centers inside or outside the Kingdom.
F. Recommending the council to introduce, integrate or cancel academic programs and majors.
G. Determining University’s fees for all majors.
    1. Discussing and endorsing the University annual budget after being approved by the University council and submitting it together with the chartered auditor’s report to the council for approval.
    2. Reviewing the reports of the Internal Control Unit and responding to the enquires of the Audit Bureau of Jordan and actions taken thereon in the University and raising them to the council.
I. Seeking to support University’s financial resources and organizing its investments.
J. Accepting grants, donations, wills and endowments, provided that they are approved by the council of ministers if from non-Jordanian sources.
  1. Approving to conclude cultural, scientific and technological  cooperation agreements with internal and external universities.
  2. Recommending the board to conclude agreements with internal and external universities to introduce programs and majors leading to obtain scientific degrees, provided that they are privately accredited.
L. Discussing draft regulations to the Council to duly approve and implement them.
M. Appointing an external chartered auditor to audit University’s accounts and determining his/her fees by recommendation from the University council.
N. Carrying out any other matters submitted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees which neither come under the prerogatives of any authority mentioned herein nor the regulations effective at the university.
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