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Cybercrime Section Receives 4200 Complaints in 2017

Captain Anas Alhalahleh from Cybercrime Section at the Public Security Department said that the section has handled 4200 complaints in 2017, in a lecture that was hosted by the Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences (FAFS) of the University of Petra (UOP) on the Law of Cyber Crimes.
Capt. Alhalahleh stressed the need for raising the citizens’ awareness on cybercrimes that occur on Internet sites and social media networks and punishable under the law. Capt. Alhalahleh noted that the number of complaints that were submitted to the Cybercrime Section increased as a result of offenders’ legal illiteracy and not taking necessary precautions.
Capt. Alhalahleh cited real examples on cases that have been received and handled by the section, including threats, identity theft, character assassination, online fraud and circulating false news via social media networks.
Mr. Yazan Mostafa ran the lecture. FAFS students and professors raised questions on cases they encountered when they were using Internet sites as well as social media networks.
FAFS' hosting of the lecture is in consistent with UOP commitment to cooperate with public institutions with the aim of serving the local community.