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UOP Takes First Place in Four Majors of University Proficiency Test

The University of Petra (UOP) took the first place in four majors and the second place in three majors of the University Proficiency Test at the micro level according to the results announced by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC).
UOP President Prof. Marwan Muwalla congratulated UOP teaching staff and students on these uplifting results. Prof. Muwalla said: “These results helped UOP to take the first place in the majors of English Language & Literature, Translation, Marketing and Computer Science”.
UOP also took the second place in the majors of Chemistry, Architecture and French Language, Prof. Muwalla said, noting that UOP uses the results of the University Proficiency Test, performance indicators, local rankings and international rankings to improve its programs and help its graduates in improving their skills and abilities and competing in the labor market.
It is worth noting that computer science and computer Information systems programs was accredited by ABET. Furthermore, UOP was the first Jordanian university that obtained Quality Assurance Certificate. In Addition, UOP-FPMS has recently obtained Quality Assurance Certificate and UOP has recently obtained ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate.