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Prof. Mayyas Al-Remawi Registers More Than 70 International Patents

Prof. Mayyas Al-Remawi won AARU Award of the Distinguished Researcher in Health and Medical Sciences. The Association of Arab Universities (AARU) granted the award jointly to Prof. Al-Remawi and another researcher because of their leading scientific production in Health and Medical Sciences.
AARU called 330 members from Arab universities and the higher education institution for nominations for the Distinguished Researcher Award in Health and Medical Sciences, including all Arab Academics working in the professions of Medicine, Pharmacology and Medical Sciences.
Prof. Al-Remawi, who is currently a professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences (FPMS), registered greater than 70 international patents in the areas of Pharmaceutical Industry, Environmental Industry, Materials Development Science and Nanotechnology. Additionally, Prof. Al-Remawi published more than 40 papers on his patents in refereed scientific journals and won many awards at the local, regional and Arab levels.
The award winning came only after few days of Al-Remawi-led research team's winning of the Best Paper Award of 2017 by the American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS). The winning research paper was related to developing oral insulin delivery system as an alternative for insulin injection options. AARU honored Prof. Al-Remawi in recognition of his outstanding production over the last years, including patents and published papers.
Prof. Sultan Abu-Orabi, Secretary General of Association of Arab Universities (AARU), congratulated the University of Petra (UOP) management on Al-Remawi's Winning.
Prof. Abu-Orabi said: "We would like to congratulate you for this achievement made by your leading university. Additionally, kindly be informed that the honoring ceremony will take place during the fifty session of the Association's General Conference, which will be held at the United Arab Emirates University by the end of September 2017".