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الأسم : سهير الجاغوب

الرتبة العلمية: أستاذ مشارك

المسمى الوظيفي: عضو هيئة تدريسية

المكتب 9430       الرقم الفرعي 9430

بريد الكتروني: saljaghoub@uop.edu.jo

التخصص: نظم المعلومات الإدارية

جامعة التخرج: جامعة مانشستر

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  • Journal Paper

      Saheer Al-Jaghoub, H, " Success and Failure of e-Learning Projects: Alignment of Vision and Reality, Change and Culture " , "Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences (JETCIS) ",Vol.3,No.2, , , 02/01/2012 :الملخص
      This paper discusses the implementation of an e-learning program at a Jordanian University (Al-Ahliyya Amman University). The program originally aimed to establish a virtual university which offers totally online courses but due to a number of reasons there had to be some changes in the implementation process. The paper discusses such changes and challenges faced by AAU in implementing its e-learning program from an IS project management point of view. Findings suggest that implementing such projects needs careful consideration of a variety of issues to ensure that the objectives are achieved. The case provides rich insights to other educational institutions wishing to implement such projects. Download

      Saheer Al-Jaghoub, H, " Evaluation of Awareness and Acceptability of Using e- Government Services in Developing Countries: the Case of Jordan " , "The Electronic Journal Information Systems Evaluation ",Vol.13,No.1, Academic Conferences Ltd, , 01/01/2010

      Al-Yaseen,H, Al-Jagh, " Post-Implementation Evaluation of HealthCare Information Systems in Developing Countries " , "The Electronic Journal Information Systems Evaluation",Vol.13,No.1, Academic Conferences Ltd, , 01/01/2010

      Saheer Al-Jaghoub an, " Reassessing Social Inclusion and Digital Divides " , "Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society",Vol.7,No.2/3, Emerald, , 01/01/2009

      Alem Molla and Sahee, " Evaluating Digital Inclusion Projects: a Livelihood Approach " , "International Journal of Knowledge and Learning",Vol.3,No.6, Inderscience Publishers , , 06/24/2007

      Hussein Al-Yaseen, A, " Assessing Jordan’s e-Government Maturity Level: Citizen’s Perspective on Awareness, Acceptability and Usage of e-Government Services " , "International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR)",Vol.9,No.4, IGI Global, London, United Kingdom, 10/01/2013 :الملخص
      Similar to other developing countries, Jordan started a national e-government initiative aiming to streamline government procedures and make information and government services available to business and citizens online. This paper presents the results of a study that assessed factors which could influence the awareness level, acceptance and use of e-government services in Jordan. It investigated issues such as: accessibility of e-government, citizen's attitude toward various privacy and security, the required services and costs. A survey has been distributed in one of the largest governorates of Jordan. The results of this preliminary study suggest that awareness of e-government has not reached the required level. These findings are hoped to be useful for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

      Anas Al-Soud, Hussei, " Jordan’s e-Government at the Crossroads " , "Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy (TG:PPP)",Vol.8,No.4, Emerald, London ,United Kingdom, 10/01/2014

  • Conference paper

      Hussein Al-Yaseen, S, " Issues and Challenges in Implementing eLearning Projects in Higher Education: the Case of Jordan " , "The 10th European Conference on e-Learning",Vol.,No., , Brighton, UK, 11/09/2011

      Chris Westrup and Sa, " Expertise Determinism and Selective Forgetting: ICT initiatives and Policy in Developing Countries " , "10th International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries (IFIP)",Vol.,No., , Dubai, UAE, 05/26/2009
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